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After two years of learning and growing, we were ready to help our faculty take the blended learning leap.
Go behind the scenes with Debbie and find out how she creates a blended learning classroom.
For Banned Books Week, we’ve collected online resources for seven well-known banned books.

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Using Activate Instruction to Personalize Learning Experiences
With Activate Instruction, teachers and students translate performance assessment data into personalized learning experiences for free!

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Description: Confer makes it easier to collect and use student data in your classroom. Whether you teach Reading and Writing Workshop or simply want to collect student data to drive your instruction, Confer can transform your classroom notetaking. Confer lets you customize your notetaking fields for each particular subject. When you take notes, each of your comments are saved for quick reuse. You can also import your comments ahead of time, so you don’t even have to type. As you take notes on your students you can sort your class based on the content of their notes.